Building Your Team, Your Way.

At SourceFactor, we cover every aspect of talent acquisition. We work with you to create and execute on recruiting and staffing strategies that enable you to achieve your hiring goals.

Direct Hire Engagement Models

Direct Hire Engagement Models

When your usual recruitment methods aren't cutting it, we step in. Only pay when we successfully place a candidate. We do the heavy lifting, identifying those candidates who often fly under the radar.

For those pivotal roles that can't go unfilled, we offer a more in-depth service level. With a portion of the fee paid up front as a retainer, you gain priority status and access to a wider set of capabilities (job spec development, confidential job postings, and more). Typically these searches are for executive-level or highly specialized roles. It's a partnership, and we're dedicated to finding your perfect fit.

Prioritize your needs with an exclusive partnership with SourceFactor. Engaging us exclusively for a limited time has its benefits. With our undivided attention, we become an extension of your team, ensuring faster, tailored results for your organization.

Hybrid and Custom Engagements
Sometimes it makes sense to design something a little more bespoke. Do you have a lot of hiring needs in a short period of time? Are you hiring for multiple similar roles? If it makes sense, we can design a custom plan with scale in mind.

Staffing and Subcontracting

Staffing and Subcontracting Solutions

Contract Staffing
Need to temporarily augment your team? Need IT or professional expertise on tap? Whether for a few weeks, months or longer, we can provide technical and professional staff on an hourly basis.

Project-based Staffing
Got a specific project in mind? We're on it. With specialists in areas like IT and Data Science and Analytics, we can provide the talent for your unique project requirements.

Are you trying to round out a team for a project with one of your clients? Do you need a teaming partner, or a subcontractor who can deliver talent to your project? We're here to help.

RPO & Contract Recruiting

RPO & Contract Recruiting

Recruiting as a Service
Are you progressing toward developing your own in-house recruiting capability? Or maybe you already have a small recruiting team and just want to add some additional support during busy times. Either way, we're here to support you on that journey.

Our RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) solutions cater to clients who prefer to pay for an embedded recruiting capability instead of the direct hire fee-per-hire approach.

Engagements range from a single recruiter on an hourly contract to expand your team, to comprehensive solutions including teams and a modern recruiting tech stack.